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About Us

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  • Aloha Crate delivers Hawai'i to you.
  • Founded in 2014, Aloha Crate was founded on the love of Hawai’i’s unique food heritage. As a melting pot of cultures from all over the world, our island culture is deeply rooted in the sharing of meals and omiyage (gifts.) Our mission at Aloha Crate is to capture the essence of growing up and living in Hawai’i through a delicious snack adventure. Our team carefully chooses and taste tests every item that goes into your Aloha Crate and we are passionate about sharing our love for our island home with you. Whether you’re an islander at heart who lives on the Mainland or you want to relive your fond vacation memories, Aloha Crate is the perfect surprise that’ll bring all the warmth of Hawai’i to your heart.
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