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How much is shipping?

Shipping to U.S. is FREE for our Iki and Nui Crates. International shipping is an additional $15/month. Our Nui Crate is the only crate eligible for international orders.

When is my credit card charged and when does my order ship?

Your credit card will be charged the day you subscribe. Subscription cut-off day is the last day of each month to receive the next months crate, which will ship on the 10th of each month. You’ll receive an email once your order is shipped. All renewals occur on the 20th of each month for the upcoming months shipment.

What can I expect every month?

An Iki Aloha Crate filled with 4-6 local treats, plus a note which lists and explains each product. The contents of each crate change each month and we only repeat products which have received amazing positive response from our current subscribers. A Nui Aloha Crate comes with 4-10 products, featuring full-size, gourmet products alongside other smaller, local goodies.

We promise that each Aloha Crate is a new snack adventure you’ll enjoy receiving!

How do I add a gift message?

At this time we cannot accommodate custom messages.

Do you take phone orders?

Sorry, but in order to accommodate our current volume of customers we require that all orders are submitted through our secure online website.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns. But if you’re not satisfied with your order please contact us at so we can resolve any issues you might have.

How can I cancel a subscription?

No, please don't leave us! If you’re not satisfied with your Aloha Crate for whatever reason, simply log into your online account and click "cancel".

If I cancel my 1 year subscription do I get a full or partial refund?

Sorry, but you do not. If you are canceling a 1-year subscription, the remainder of your Aloha Crates will be sent out for the remaining months and your account will not renew come the following year.

I have other questions! How do I contact you?

You can contact us via email at Our current response time is 1 - 2 business days (Monday - Friday).

I would like to place my products in an Aloha Crate. How do I do that?

We'd love to hear from you! You can reach us at

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